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Completing our 12th year, providing  free dictionaries to the kids in our community

Back to school, and back to dictionaries!

WOW !! Another successful year for the Dictionary Project.  Our volunteers and sponsors ensured that the third graders in 650 schools received dictionaries this fall

Check the
Kansas City area list, the Kansas state list , or the Missouri state list to see the schools we visited

Helping Kansas City-area children discover the meaning of "success", "respect", and "teamwork" is the mission of the Dictionary Project Kansas City. Our goal is to put a dictionary into the hands of each third-grade student in every elementary school in the greater Kansas City area every year. Knowing that a dictionary is, perhaps, a child's first reference tool, Dictionary Project Kansas City helps set children on the path to lifelong learning.

Dictionary Project Kansas City was founded in the summer of 2002. With an overwhelming support of the Kansas City community, Dictionary Project Kansas City purchased and distributed over 10,000 dictionaries during ,that first school year. Our group began our second school year by enlisting the aid of individuals and businesses and community groups, and distributing 10,000 dictionaries on October 16th, Noah Webster's birthday. And by the end of that school year, we realized that we reached 25,000 third graders in the Kansas City area, and in surrounding communities in Missouri and Kansas.

So, What's New? Check it out.

And we still get requests for old photos and "That Elvis and the Dictionaries" video.  Check out the "OLD NEWS"

Are we ready to drop paper books for electronics? Not yet, say our teachers.

How the Project Works with Teachers, Students, and Donors

Of the teachers--We ask that the dictionaries be used in the students' regular work, helping both in reading and writing. And we ask, at the end of the school year, that teachers tell us how the dictionaries were used. (Guidelines are included on the agreement \ receipt.)

Of the students--Because the dictionary becomes the personal property of the student, we ask that each student write his or her name on the inside front cover. And to help them track the growth of their vocabulary, we ask that they mark each word as they look it up.

Individuals and organizations who donate $200 or more may designate that dictionaries be delivered to a particular school. Donations not designated will be used to purchase dictionaries for other schools in Missouri and Kansas. Checks for donations should be made payable to: Dictionary Project Kansas City.

As we approach the new school year, we have invited over 400 schools in the Kansas City area, plus nearly 1,800 schools in the remainder of Missouri and Kansas. If your favorite school is not on the list, please contact us. .

Contact Us: email; Phone: 816-763-5205;
9717 Harvard Ave. Kansas City MO 64134